Return on investment (ROI) is a valuable concept used frequently in business circles and it does matter for your web design. You want every dollar that you spend to work as hard as possible to produce results. ROI then is simply the measure of value you get for your money or the relative efficiency measure of how much you get for your expense.

What Goes into the Cost of a Website?

The cost components of web design are project management, design, content writing, web hosting, and site maintenance. The cost will depend on the level of sophistication needed for your website and who will do all the work.

If website development is a DIY project, or you are using a friend or a neighbor, the cost will likely be significantly less than if you work with a full-scale web design firm or a qualified digital agency. However, the results may be significantly lower as well! Consider the outcomes you expect before you begin your work.

How to Determine ROI

Ultimately, your cost versus benefit calculations will need to demonstrate how much business you get from your web design. Solid use of analytics will give you the numerical perspectives that you will need to demonstrate the ROI of your website investments:

  • How much traffic do you get from your website? Calculate the search volume from your target keywords.
  • How many site visits convert into leads?
  • How many leads are closed to sales?
  • Calculate the profit from sales and compare that to your web design costs.

How to Increase ROI

  • Start with a strong foundation: an attractive site with highly useful features, fast load times and great content. One that is mobile friendly and responsive.
  • Keep your content very fresh and provide value to website users.
  • Pay attention to bounce rates.
  • Employ multi-channel marketing.

Get Expert Assistance

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