An effective email marketing campaign can accomplish many goals, including boosting brand awareness and generating sales. If you’re wondering what makes for a successful campaign, keep reading for five traits that strong email marketing efforts have in common.

Audience Segmentation

It is key to segment your audience so that you can send tailored messages to different groups. For example, one marketing professional quoted in an article from Business News Daily reported that his company had success targeting millennials with emails that included infographics, while baby boomers responded well to action buttons.

Attractive Email Templates

Good-looking email templates will go a long way toward getting people to interact with your messages and your company. If you’re not sure where to start, try using some pre-made templates. Then, with testing over time, you can adjust your templates to emphasize what works best and move away from what fails.


Automation is another practice that can make an email marketing campaign more successful. One common way to use automation is by setting up an email resend—that is, a second email that follows up an initial message. For example, an email resend might go out to customers who did not open the first email. The hope is that a new subject line or tweaked offer might get their attention.

Prioritizing the Mobile Experience

Mobile optimization is an essential part of any email marketing campaign. People are more likely than ever to open your emails on their phones. Ways you can make your emails thrive on mobile screens include using buttons instead of difficult-to-read text links, minimizing image sizes, using large fonts, and performing regular testing.

Planning Ahead

You will find much more success if your emails are planned out far in advance. For instance, if your business wants to offer a discount on certain holidays, then it makes sense to craft emails announcing that ahead of time. With advanced planning, you can also plan emails that go out to accompany new content, products, and other exciting things your company wants people to know about.