When you see a high bounce rate in your website analytics, it’s typically bad news. This means you haven’t engaged the visitor. Your online searcher or ad clicker may have landed on a page not relevant to their search, meaning your keywords are not optimal. Otherwise, they may have bounced quickly away because the content wasn’t informative, interesting or entertaining.

How to Fix a Bounce Rate Problem

Reduce your website’s average bounce rate with these tactics:

  • Speed up loading time: Banish loading frustration, so you won’t lose people before they’ve even seen your page. 
  • Optimize for mobile: Most people will engage with your website on mobile, at least some of the time. 
  • Use relevant keywords: Using specific, currently relevant, keywords helps you avoid disappointing visitors who are expecting different, or more helpful, content. Don’t promise one thing in your CTA, then deliver unrelated content when the visitor arrives on your landing page. Revisit keywords often to make sure you add any new terms or create new content 
  • Create targeted content: Target content that speaks to each of your marketing personas, demographic groups, and stages in your marketing funnel. 
  • Fix bounce rates on all channels: Display ads, social media, paid search ads and organic search should all be refined until you get the lowest bounce rate possible for that channel. Some channels are prone to quick bounce rates, so target a realistic average. 
  • Post video content: This grabs visitor interest and piques curiosity. Prospects are more likely to stay to watch at least part of the video. 
  • Craft clear CTAs: Direct the reader with easily visible CTAs (perhaps on a button—or use a prominent, easy-to-see link). Don’t hide CTAs within a block of text. Use white space around it and keep one CTA above the fold. Be specific about where the visitor should go next and why. Avoid multiple CTAs. 
  • Use A/B testing: Try different CTAs (and ad text, and posting times, etc.) to see what works best. Continually refine your marketing process.  

Where to Get More Expert Advice on Website Marketing 

There’s always more you can do to improve your bounce rate and gain conversions! For more expert advice, check our blog regularly, or contact Pinpoint Digital Solutions to perfect your bounce rates and manage your online marketing strategy.