Businesses of all sizes can benefit from hiring a marketing agency, but not many will know how to find the best agency to work with. Getting a good agency can see your profits soar and your brand positively represented across different forms of media as well as in the eyes of your customers.

Do Your Homework

The first step in hiring an advertising agency is to know what they do and do not do. These agencies are not set up to sell your products, but to match your offerings with the right audience. This means that sales will not instantly improve after hiring an agency, but, whether or not sales improve, you can get valuable advice on how to improve both your targeting and your offerings moving forward.

Another piece of homework you should do is conduct a Request for Proposal or RFP. This allows you to compare how your preferred candidates understand your company’s culture and your objectives to find a good match for your business. The process also tests an agency’s creativity, media efficiency and understanding of your products and services.

Establish Goals and Budget

Your next step is to establish your goals and budget with the marketing team. Prepping the agency’s team with a presentation of your long and short-term company goals will help team members better understand what each campaign needs to accomplish and how that ties in with the overall direction of your business.

You can then go over industry standard metrics to determine a budget and workflow which work well for both companies. Asking the agency to determine these things on their own can lead to miscommunication, an inability to afford proposed services and much more.

Innovate and Standardize Representation Across Channels

The way that your brand is represented in advertisement campaigns needs to reflect how it is represented in other areas such as social media presence, websites and general image. Softer toned brand images will suffer from an edgy campaign, for example. Standardizing both your internal and external policies, branding and tone will help your ads be more successful. Innovation in terms of marketing as well as products and services can help your agency develop better campaigns moving forward as well as improve your company’s sales, if it flows along the image that you want to represent.

A marketing agency can help you reach more customers in your target audience as well as get your brand in the conversation of the public. You can find the right one to hire with a bit of homework and a lot of collaboration.