According to recent statistics, LinkedIn users now stand at a record 610 million or more. Although the platform does not gain as much attention as other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, it has carved out its unique niche. Indeed, 94% of B2B social media marketers use LinkedIn to put out their content. The platform has also attracted executives from each of the Fortune 500 companies.

Most people do not know how to take advantage of LinkedIn’s full potential. This post gives you a few insights on how to go about it.

Optimize Your LinkedIn for SEO

Unfortunately, most LinkedIn users treat the platform as an online resume. They only list down their qualifications and a short blurb about themselves in the hopes that it will intrigue others to network with them. This rarely works. Optimize your LinkedIn for SEO by creating a keyword-rich profile.

First, have a professional-looking photo with a simple background and dressed appropriately. While completing your profile, remember to provide backlinks to your website or blog. Also, remember to highlight your past roles and experience on your profile. From time to time, publish a few keyword-rich posts.

Be Clear on What You Intend to Use the Platform For

Do you want to establish new professional networks? Do you intend to promote your products or services on the platform? No matter what you intend to use the platform for, you need to set yourself apart as an expert. You can do this by participating in meaningful conversations. Using relevant hashtags on your content will make them visible to your intended audience.

LinkedIn enables you to show off your career or company milestones on the accomplishments section. This is a great way of setting yourself apart from your competitors. Update the skills you want to be known for regularly and also get endorsements.