There are many different elements on your landing page that you can play around with when trying to improve your conversion rate. When implementing conversion rate optimization (CRO) best practices properly, it’s not unusual for a page to perform significantly better by simply changing the color of a button, changing the font of a headline or switching out one stock photo for another. Try replacing or rearranging the graphical elements on your page – particularly as they relate to your CTAs – to bring in more leads and sales.

The best way to understand how your target customer responds to the elements on your landing page is to perform A/B split tests in which you only change one element at a time. If you change multiple elements simultaneously, you will most likely misinterpret your results, so make sure that you isolate those variables.

Here are three visual elements that you can manipulate and split test to optimize your landing page conversion rate.

1. Include Arrows That Point to Your CTA

Using arrows on your page is a great way to direct the reader’s attention toward your CTA. You can vary the size, color, and the number of arrows that you use. And you can place them in different locations on the page. The only way to know for sure which arrow type and location works best is to test it out.

2. Use Images That Guide Readers’ Eyes Toward Your CTA

When you see somebody staring or pointing at an object off in the distance, it’s human nature to turn your head and look to see what is so interesting over there.

You can use this natural reflex to your advantage by including images and photos on your landing page to guide your visitors’ eyes to your lead capture forms, buttons, and links. Test photos with different models using different gestures, and be sure to line up the subject’s line-of-sight with your CTA.

3. Set Your CTA Apart with White Space

When creating content for blogs and landing pages, it’s important to break up text with photos and graphic elements to keep visitors on the page longer. But too many elements can make the page look too busy, which is why it’s important to include white space on the page.

Using white space wisely can help your CTA stand out and get more clicks. So test out generous amounts of whitespace around your CTA buttons to get more conversions.

Making the most of your existing traffic is one of the keys to making more money online. Split testing the different features on your landing pages is a great way to improve your CRO and boost those opt-ins and sales, so take some time to properly set up some A/B test and see how far you can boost your conversions.