The customer experience is so much more than a sale or a transaction. It’s about developing a relationship with a customer. You have to actively seek to improve and constantly put in the work to build customer relationships. Here are ways you can focus on and improve customer experience. 

How Customers Interact with Businesses 

First, think about the ways customers interact with businesses. By and large, there are three different ways that customers do this. Customers can interact through marketing, when they make a transaction or when they need help. No matter what type of interaction customers are having with your business, there are a few ways that you can make each of these interactions the best. 

Show Empathy and Say Thank You

No matter which reason customers are interacting with you, relate to your customer and say thanks. In marketing, this means acknowledging their comment or following up. In a transaction, it means saying thank you and checking to see that they enjoyed the product. 

If a customer has reached out to you for help or with a complaint, it means really understanding how they feel and trying to make that better. That may mean apologizing or it may mean just letting the customer be heard. Take the time to genuinely meet the customer’s needs so you can turn a negative interaction into a positive one. 

Be Conscientious and Communicative 

It is important to always reach out and always respond, but it’s more important to come up with solutions for customers. That’s how you turn one-time transactions into lifetime customers. Solving a genuine problem to satisfaction can be genuinely difficult to do though. If you can’t immediately solve a problem, offer a timeframe for when the customer can expect resolution. If you’ve offered a resolution, follow-up with the customer in a couple weeks to see if your solution helped. Take the time to learn about your customers and regularly communicate with them. 

Seek Feedback

Ask for customer feedback. Ask customers to create online reviews for your products or for your customer service. These are a great marketing tool and they can help you offer even better service to future customers. They also give customers a way to reach out to you if something is wrong, and you can work on making it right in order to really cement that customer relationship. 

As you’re seeking feedback and showing empathy, it’s important to be genuine and sincere in your customer interactions. This will go along way in building relationships with your customers and offering the best customer experience imaginable.