People who are looking to boost search engine optimization rankings should take heed to the effectiveness of title tags. What are title tags exactly? When you use a search engine, the list that appears on the results page includes title tags – the wording that acts as a hyperlink to each website. For SEO rankings, the title tags help the search engines provide the most relevant websites, making it an integral part of your marketing campaign. Here are eight tips for boosting your SEO rankings with title tags:

1. Stick with the Character Limit

A reasonable limit for characters used in your title tags is under 50. This will ensure that they are not cut off in the middle by Google or other search engines.

2. Capitalize Properly

We all know that typing in all capital letters is like yelling at the reader, so don’t yell at them. You can either utilize sentence capitalization or proper capitalization in your title tags.

3. Pick a Primary Keyword

As you know, keywords are paramount for SEO rankings. However, you shouldn’t stuff the title tags with keywords; instead, pick one that sums up the page as a goal. 

4. Make Them Unique

When looking to save time, it may be tempting to copy and paste someone else’s title tags, though it won’t be beneficial to your SEO rankings to do that. Make it unique and customize it for each page.

5. Honesty and Accuracy

Instead of using “clickbait” (where the author of an article exaggerates or makes up a title to get readers interested), make sure your title is both honest and accurate of what the page includes.

6. Adjectives

Adjectives and qualities that your page contains will help it stand out. Consider adding your brand name, “in-depth,” “quick,” “easy,” etc., just make sure these adjectives are accurate!

7. Emotion

Like adjectives, using words that appeal to the readers’ emotions is a good bet. Words like “fantastic,” “remarkable,” and “wonderful.”