The success of your pay-per-click advertising depends upon relevant and effective landing pages. These pages are the first thing shown to people who click your PPC ads, so they must hold attention, and convert the visitor into a customer and a sale.

Use these tips to help your landing pages convert:

  • Emphasize relevancy: When PPC ad click-throughs arrive on your landing pages, these potential customers need to feel they’re in the right place immediately. Keep brand image consistent and mention the service or product from the PPC ad, for example.
  • Make scrolling optional or avoid completely: Keep your message (or at least its core points and CTA) above the fold. This creates the most direct path for interested site visitors so that it’s easy to buy your product or service.
  • Show there’s more to see: If your product/service is a bit too complex to keep all the compelling info above the fold, be sure readers know there are more details below. End the last sentence above the fold with an ellipsis (…) or use arrow images.
  • Include a demo: Use images, a simple motion gif, photos or video to show the process/result of your service. Demonstrate how to use your product.
  • Laser focus on conversion goal: Multiple CTAs or buttons can distract from your goal. If you must use secondary buttons, make them much smaller and well below your priority CTA.
  • Add a customer quote: A testimonial provides social proof to build brand confidence and encourage sales. You don’t want to direct visitors away from your landing page to read your glowing Google reviews, so include an authentic recommendation on your landing pages.
  • Keep text minimal and well-spaced: Avoid large, sometimes intimidating, blocks of text. Instead, make a greater impact by maximizing skim-ability with bullet points and white space. Use simple, direct language.
  • Check loading time and page appearance: Check how your landing page looks (and how quickly it loads) on various devices and browsers. This ensures your message is frustration-free, clear and engaging.
  • Use A/B testing: Refine your message to increase conversion rates, using data to see how different headlines, CTA wording or page layouts work. Go with the version that performs best.

This checklist should help you improve the performance of your landing pages. For more PPC and marketing strategies, tailored to your specific business needs, contact Pinpoint Digital Solutions today.