Twitter. It’s such a small, non-descript word, yet it encompasses so much in our daily lives. Twitter is not only used to share our personal lives, but it has long been recognized as a way to expand our marketing presence as well. Indeed, one recent survey noted how these short 280-character blurbs called tweets to go a long way in influencing the buying decisions of our potential customers and clients. 

This is because Twitter is adept at helping customers associate their buying decisions with certain brands and products through a strategy called “continuous engagement.” This makes Twitter a god-send for any company that wants an expansive social reach. 

Do you want to open up a dialogue with your customers? Twitter is one of the best ways to do it. Do you want to increase your customer connections with your company? Look to Twitter to help you accomplish this. It might come as a surprise to you, but there are five different ways to harness Twitter to have strong marketing. Let’s take a look at some of these! Here goes: 

Lead generation: encourage your potential customers to become followers. 

Twitter has long been recognized as more than just a microblogging forum. If you set it upright, it can become a juggernaut for lead generation. You need to ensure your content is targeting the right kind of Twitter followers because otherwise you will just a few clicks. 

However, if you post at least several tweets a month, you will engage the right people. If your Twitter followers are posting about some type of concern, you should respond to it right away. By taking an active role in your Twitter activities, you will be encouraging many more potential customers to become followers. 

Of course, there have been many statistics that mention that a high percentage of Twitter accounts are fake. In that case, you should run an application to make sure your followers are real – you can’t turn them into customers if they’re fake! is one population choice for this endeavor. 

Avoid long and convoluted Tweets. 

Twitter is built to be a short and simple affair, so don’t water it down by long Tweets! You should use your 280 characters wisely. You should post your content in a catchy and precise manner, and if you need to share a particularly long post the best way to do it is through the link shortener. 

A solid tweet will use humor and play on subtle emotions. It will make sure the content is structured and holds the buyer’s attention. Moreover, some company leaders enjoy using Twitter as a vehicle for announcing new product lines. Take a look at one example from Elon Musk in a 2015 tweet: “Major new product line – not a car – will be unveiled at our Hawthorne Design Studio on Thurs 8 p.m.” Those three words – “not a car” – led to an immense amount of speculation and generated a tremendous amount of publicity for Elon Musk’s brand. 

In Elon Musk’s case, he didn’t need to use images, videos, or graphics because he has a well-known company and he was just announcing a new product line. But the way that Musk and others use Twitter is a great way to harness the power of this social media giant’s marketing prowess. Moreover, Twitter can be used for posting testimonials of current users of a company’s product or it can be used to reach customers on a real-time basis. This will greatly improve the status of your company as long as you respond to their needs, questions or comments as quickly as possible. 

It is also crucial to follow this five-word rule constantly: “new content in new tweets.” This is pretty self-explanatory, and it is necessary because your followers will get bored with your content if you are always posting the same items over and over again. Of course, it is acceptable to cross-post content on Twitter from other social media networks as you follow the above rule. Increasing traffic to your website’s online store is simple: all you have to do is provide the website link to Twitter Universe ahead of time.

Of course, if your company’s product or service is associated with a current affair it must be tweeted immediately. Always keep the content of the tweet as distinctive as possible. 

Posting your tweets during rush hours will get you a higher reach. 

No one can underestimate the importance of tweeting during peak hours. Twitter followers have a short attention span as it is, but it is even shorter when they are at work or doing something in their downtime. Sharing your posts on Twitter during peak hours ensures you will get the most Twitter followers online at the same time. Tweeting between the times of 10 A.M. and noon will give your company maximum exposure because this is when the largest number of Twitter followers are online. Additionally, you should maintain an online presence during this time to ask any questions they might have. Sending out the most tweets on Friday is also a good strategy if you want maximum exposure. 

Do you want increased visibility? Don’t forget those hashtags! 

The right hashtag can help your audience filter through all of the nonsensical posts they encounter to get to your promotional product posts. Just remember that the hashtag is a “#” symbol posted right next to the word. You should search through the most commonly-used hashtags and find one that is similar to the product you are attempting to promote. 

Keep the conversation flowing and you are sure to gain more Twitter followers. 

This will require you to be involved in some trending topics. You will need to be active in the conversation and behave diplomatically. This will help you “hit it off” with other people interested in the topic and be recognized as an authority in the field. At times, you might need to contact someone directly in the conversation. In this case, you can reply to them simply by posting their Twitter handle with an @ before it. 

Of course, you will need to use your best judgment regarding private conversations. For example, there are times where you might need to take a conversation with a client into the private DM platform. 

Either way, no question learning how to use Twitter appropriately and learning how to harness it will expand your marketing reach.