Getting more traffic to your site is a constant battle, but it really is the key to your success online. By using proven strategies, search engine optimization (SEO) can gradually increase your traffic levels and bring targeted visitors to your site.

Here are eight SEO methods that have stood the test of time and are proven to help your website visibility when applied consistently.

1. Update Your SSL Certificate

Over the last few years, search engines have been hitting websites without updated SSL security certificates, causing them to lose ranking and traffic. This is an easy fix with most web hosting services, as almost all of them offer free or low-cost SSL certificates that are recognized by the majority of search engines.

How do you know if your SSL certificate is current?

Just look at the URL in your browser. If it says “https” and has a little padlock symbol, you’re all good. If it says, “http”, then you’d better get in touch with your web hosting company for an update.

2. Speed Up Your Site

Page-loading speed is another important factor that impacts your SEO. If your website pages take more than three seconds to load, then you are likely losing visitors. Studies show that more than half of website visitors will leave your site if the content doesn’t fully load within three seconds.

If your page-load speed is a bit slow, compressing images might help to reduce their download times. For WordPress blogs, using a plugin like W3 Total Cache can also help. And if you’re already getting high traffic levels, you might consider upgrading your server or using a CDN service.

3. Include High-Quality Multimedia

You can also include plenty of high-quality photos, infographics, and videos to hold your readers’ attention and communicate information to them more effectively. Having nothing walls of text on your site gets pretty boring and will cause you to lose visitors.

4. Expand Your Audience

Guest posting on popular sites and authoritative blogs in your industry will help you expand your audience and increase brand awareness very quickly. Getting links on those sites will not only drive referral traffic to your blog and landing pages, but those links will boost your search rankings too.

5. Create Keyword-Focused Content

While keywords have been abused by spammers over the years, they are still a vital component of your SEO efforts to boost website visibility. Most of all of your blog posts and other pages on your site should be focused on a primary keyword with several variations and related keywords sprinkled in as needed. Publish new content on a regular basis to keep traffic flowing in.

6. Format Content for Easy Reading

Break up your content into short paragraphs and make use of subheadings, bullet lists, visual media, and even white space. This variety helps you keep readers on the page a bit longer and makes it easier for them to understand your content.

7. Include Internal and External Links

Don’t be afraid to link out to authoritative sites and sources that you use when writing articles. This builds trust with readers and with search engines.

Internal links are also necessary to keep visitors on your site longer and to help them find additional information quickly.

8. Upgrade to Responsive Design

Lastly, if your company website or blog hasn’t been updated in years, you might want to check whether it is optimized for mobile devices. Responsive web design ensures that your pages look good, no matter what type of computer, smartphone or tablet your visitors are using to access your site.

Implementing these SEO best practices is an effective way to boost your website visibility and get more traffic coming to your site every day. Don’t be tempted by shortcuts or shady spam tactics. Stick with SEO basics and keep providing real value and a great experience for your website visitors.