Pay-per-click has come a long way since search giant Google commandeered the entire field over a decade ago. Whether you’re a new entrant into the online promotion sphere or a veteran, you will have to incorporate some of the new PPC trends if you hope to compete with other businesses. The following handful of PPC approaches are geared towards improving your Return On Investment (ROI).

Artificial Intelligence – AI

Artificial Intelligence will be able to sift through many volumes of data quickly, to identify the most efficient advertising routes; indeed, it will soon be able to tell you precisely how much (the CTR or click-through-rate) your ads will command – before you actually implement them! All manner of predictions about conversions will emerge from the use of AI.

Responsive Search Advertising

This one, frankly, is kind of a no-brainer – the ability of ads to contort to fit the many different screen sizes available with mobile devices will result in higher click-through-rates. Google recently put this forth as a specific subcategory in its Search Ads platform.

Automating Your PPC Campaign

Because of the volumes and volumes of information that comprise a profile, PPC automation works hand-in-hand with artificial intelligence. Expect click-through rates and conversions to rise as more robust automation targets your prospective audience better and better in the coming years.

Amazon Ads Make the Jump

The House That Jeff Bezos built is taking over market share like crazy, which is responsible for his rise to being the world’s wealthiest man. Currently, Google Ads have the market share, with Facebook and Bing trailing behind – expect Amazon Ads to perhaps grab an even larger slice of the pie and vault from its third-place position to ever-higher. After all, Amazon ads are even more primed to sell sooner in the sales funnel than the others.

A Video is Worth a Thousand Pictures

The sheer popularity of YouTube should make it clear that video is the ultimate content – metrics from Forbes show an 88% advantage that websites with video have over those without. Expect the search giants to facilitate the making of video to convey brand information going forward.

The earlier you start enacting some of the above, the readier you’ll be to take advantage of the improvements to come. Your marketing strategy will have to pivot to better incorporate these – after all, some of your competition is certainly going to.