When it comes to getting your blog posts read by a wider audience, there are few ways easier than using key SEO tips and tricks. Search Engine Optimization is a series of tools and techniques designed to increase your rankings in search results for relevant keywords and involves everything from the layouts and loading speeds of your pages to how you use the keywords in your posts and metadescriptions. Regular and quality updates of your blog is a good way to get a jumpstart on optimizing for search engines and incorporating these easy tips can give you an extra boost.

Research and Keywords

Researching for your blog posts usually means checking the information you put forward, but when you research for Search Engine Optimization you are looking at keywords. Each topic has relevant keywords which you will naturally sprinkle in by adding information to the blog, you can also see which ones you should use with online tools. Search engine algorithms will count keywords as a percentage of the post and use that in the ranking system, so it is important not to use too many. Where you put your keywords has an impact as well, so titles, metadescriptions and introductions are good spots.

Images and Links

It is important to SEO that the images you choose are relevant and the title and alternate text field include the keywords. When images take too long to load, it can hurt your rankings, so it is important to check loading speed of your page.

Any links your post includes should be relevant and lead to any experts referenced. This is good etiquette and may even result in a link to your blog in return. Quality links and backlinks, those leading to your site, help raise your rankings because they establish you as an authority, so it is important to make sure that they work the whole time the post is up.

Subscribe Options and Social Media

Giving your readers ways to subscribe to your blog and follow you on social media can increase your audience in ways convenient to them. Putting a subscription button and social media links prominently on your blog will help readers find your new posts quickly and allow you more ways to interact with them.

Using SEO tips and tricks on your blog can help you increase visibility, move your site up in search engine results lists, and improve the overall function of your pages. These techniques include knowing which keywords to use, where to best use them, and linking to experts that you mention. You can find tools and analytics online to help you pinpoint the right keywords and see how your site is performing.