Developing a website for your business takes time and money. Once you get it just the way you want, you may feel like nothing else needs to be done. However, you need to keep your website up to date. If it’s been a while since things have changed, your company may benefit from having a new web design. Here are four indications that it’s time for an upgrade. 

1. Products or Services Have Changed

Change is necessary for a successful business, so make sure your website keeps up with that movement. If you are selling new products, have a new goal, or are changing your business, it’s important to keep customers notified of these things. The best way to do that is through the website. Since the internet is the number one way of attracting new customers, showcasing everything you currently do or sell is vital for incoming business.

2. The Site Is Not Designed for Mobile Technology

People are always on the go and use their cell phones and tablets for everyday life. This dependency on mobile technology means that most people search for your website on these devices. If the site isn’t mobile responsive, people won’t be able to use it and go one to search for another company’s site. An additional drawback is that Google penalizes websites that aren’t designed for mobile use, making it even more difficult for new customers to find your business.

3. The Website Uses Old Plugins

Running a website means numerous plugins are supporting the site in the background. Some may provide animation to the site, security or spam control, or managing the cache. If any of these plugins become obsolete, it puts the website in jeopardy by opening it up to security attacks or making the entire site crash. If you are paying a subscription fee for any plugins, make sure the billing is automatic and always up to date, so you avoid problems. 

4. You’re Not Attracting New Customers

The main priority of a website is to attract new business. If you notice that new leads are slowing down, it may be time to reassess the web design of your site. How do you monitor new business? Check to see if customers are subscribing to your newsletters, monitor how many orders come through each day, and review comments to see customer concerns. People are looking for sites that use animation, videos or interactive features, making it a priority to add some of these newer designs to keep your site competitive and engaging.