The idea of using SEO for marketing campaigns has been around for years now. However, it continues to be relevant because the rules of this game continue to change, leaving digital agencies and solo entrepreneurs alike constantly trying to stay ahead of emerging trends. Despite this need to remain current (and, most importantly, valuable), there are some tried-and-true SEO techniques that can often improve your rankings and boost your audience, regardless of what year it is. Read on to discover some handy search engine optimization basics for sprucing up your marketing campaign — and seeing stellar results in the process.

In an effort to increase your website’s visibility online and generate more customer traffic, you should learn to always be monitoring where your marketing efforts stand. This means frequently checking in with your metrics, analyzing the customer data, and determining which techniques make the most positive impact for your business. Without monitoring where your campaign is going, you can truly never learn how to improve in the future. With this in mind, the next step is to begin optimizing your content, which translates to using the right targeted keywords throughout your daily posts and other marketing materials. Incorporating relevant search words into your copy makes it easier for search engines to offer up your content to those looking for your product or service online. Placing effective keywords anywhere from your headline titles to your URL addresses can improve your rankings over time. However, don’t use them haphazardly to the point of becoming ridiculous, as search engines have already become privy to those who overload their content to somehow cheat the system.

Once you’ve learned to implement metrics and relevant keywords into your search engine optimization strategy, you can continue to drive more traffic your way through other methods, such as linking. Each time you create and post new content, you should link back to previous articles or pages in order to keep a continuous cycle of traffic winding through your website. Furthermore, you can also develop a site map that makes navigating your pages easier for both customers and search crawlers, allowing for as few clicks as possible to get someone where they need to go. Finally, be sure to integrate keyword-rich image descriptions with each and every picture you place on your website or posts. While images are highly useful for creating visually-pleasing content, crawlers can’t read the images alone, which is why attaching text to them further improves their visibility.

There are many search engine optimization techniques to master to become a real pro with your marketing strategies. However, starting with these basics can lead you to greater results in no time.