There are a few PPC metrics that you absolutely must track. This gives you the information necessary to improve your advertising campaign, making it more profitable. Here are the top metrics that you need to track. 

1. Clicks

If your PPC campaign goal is to boost brand awareness, you must track your clicks. While this is just the start of boosting your sales, it is also crucial to this goal. While the total number of clicks is directly tied to your ad spending, you need to be on the lookout for any changes in these numbers. 

2. Cost per Click

Your cost per click is the average dollar amount you pay every time someone clicks on an ad. Just like with your clicks, you are looking for changes in trends with this one. After all, if your cost per click is rising, this could indicate a problem. 

3. CTR

Your click-through rate is the number of times your ad is shown vs. how many times someone clicks on it. In this case, you can look for higher CTR numbers to find which ads are the most effective. 

4. Quality Score

Basically, your quality score is something that Google gives to your ad based on several factors. This is crucial because it impacts the position of your ad on Google searches. Therefore, you want your quality score to improve because this means you will have a higher ranking on Google. 

5. Impression Share

This is the percentage representing the chance your ad had to make an impression. For instance, if a Google search that matched your ad keywords was run 100 times and Goggle showed your ad for 80 of those, that would be 80%. The higher this number, the less chance you are of missing out on making an impression. 

6. Conversion Rate

Whether you are going for leads or sales, these will be represented in your conversion rate. Note, the individual rate that you are looking for will vary based on what industry you are in and what your goals are. Most advertisers watch the trends on these, just like with clicks. However, reading them can also be a problem because trends can be affected by seasonality, lowered market demands, or anything else. 

These metrics can give you an idea of your campaign’s performance and how to improve it. Therefore, if you want to find success, you must track these metrics.