Are you a crafty small business owner? If so, this article is for you. Worldwide, more than 4,000 entrepreneurs sell their handmade products on Etsy to millions of people around the globe. The thing is, there is more to using this e-commerce giant than simply uploading some photos and writing a couple of sentences.

Indeed, as the site has evolved through the years and search engine optimization has taken over the web, Etsy has made changes to what determines which posts show up the most. Today, there is a lot of importance in knowing SEO because it can lead to a noticeable increase in sales. Here are five tips to help:

1. Update Keyword Research

How long ago was it that you updated your listings? If it has been more than three months, top keyword searching habits could have changed. Keywords you previously used may not be popular anymore while words you are not using are.

2. Remember All 13 Tags

When it comes to production descriptions, many sellers forget about the tags part. Do not make the same mistake! Instead, use all 13 of them. Try to incorporate 2-4 SEO focus keywords, but feel free to get creative with the remaining tags.

3. Think Seasonally

People love buying crafts for the holidays. Think about all of the possibilities that can come with Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas or 4th of July. For this reason, it can be smart to incorporate holidays into your tags and keywords.

With holidays, another thing to think about is gift-giving. It can also be a good idea to include terms like “gifts for her” or “gifts for kids.”

4. List Important Keywords First

To determine what stores are selling, Etsy puts a lot of weight on the first keyword of a listing title. As such, you should write the most important word for your listing first.  For example, if you are selling a pink ruffle dress, you would want to list “dress” first. 

5. Promote Store Elsewhere

Just because you are selling on Etsy does not mean you have to limit your marketing efforts to there. On the contrary, you should promote your Etsy store wherever you can. Many sellers share theirs on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, as well as their personal websites.

Whew! Who knew arts and crafts could be so technical? As it turns out, it definitely can be. Fortunately, there are many SEO resources available to help you on your Etsy journey.