Google Analytics can be a valuable tool for businesses. The functions available give you the opportunity to learn more about how your site is utilized so you can make strategic decisions to help you achieve your business goals. Here are five functions every business should be utilizing to be successful.

Multi-Channel Funnel Reports. Multi-channel funnel reports give you a good idea of the steps your customers take before they convert. The advantage is that it gives you the chance to see any lags or obstacles in the process as well as to identify your most effective channels.

Mobile Device Statistics. More and more people are using mobile devices as their primary access to digital content. Keeping track of mobile statistics will help ensure that your site is mobile-friendly and you can utilize functions and features that will make it easier for mobile users to convert.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is essential to increase the visibility of your site. By utilizing tracking through Google Analytics, you’ll get insights into how well your site is ranking for keywords and how much traffic comes from search terms. You can use this information to maximize your position in search results.

Social Media Conversion. Social media is quickly becoming an essential part of the business just as a website is. Tracking conversions from social media can give you an idea of what platforms work best for your conversion goals and how to optimize your engagement with customers through social media.

Real-Time Visits. Knowing what happens in real-time on your site is also valuable. It gives you the opportunity to identify trends in traffic patterns, top referral sources, and what pages are most active on your site.

Whether you are just starting out or have an established business, these Google Analytics features are valuable for every business. By utilizing them, you can learn more about your customers and online interactions to more effectively achieve your goals.