Have you ever purchased from a company that you knew nothing about? Or hired someone for a service without even knowing their name? Most consumers recognize that as a bad idea, which is why brand awareness is important. When it comes to marketing, one of your main goals is to get your company name spread far-and-wide with a reputation for trusted products or services – also known as “brand awareness.” But, how do you quantifiably measure that? Below are four mistakes business owners make when determining brand awareness:

1: Not Defining the Concept of Brand Awareness

When it comes to brand awareness, defining what exact goals you wish to achieve should be the first step. Are you looking to get a wider social media audience? Then measure your followers and interactions. If you’re looking for more awareness of your website and the products listed, you’ll use website views as a metric. Once you’ve decided what your goal, you can analyze and adjust your expectations.

2: Having Unrealistic Expectations in Terms of Content

For almost any type of brand awareness goal, creating meaningful content is the jump-off point. Within that, though, realizing that no one piece of content (whether that be blogs, social media posts, or website content) can help you meet every single metric. Primarily, you should focus your energy on each content piece targeting a specific goal while ensuring it is all brand relevant.

3: Not Determining How Brand Awareness Campaign Impacts Your Sales

When you start measuring brand awareness and the strategies you’re using, recording the conversions that result from these new efforts can help you know which avenues are working. Website and social media platforms generally have some analytics built-in that can assist you with that reporting. Additionally, don’t get down if you do not see immediate results!

4: Being Impatient for Results

Brand awareness can be a longer goal to achieve than something like website views alone – especially if you’re in a niche market. We all know some brands go viral overnight on social media, but playing a slow and steady game that wins the race is far better than instant gratification.