Has your law firm been hoping to drive up business and gain new clients? If so, you may want to take a second look at your current marketing strategies. A firm’s approach to marketing can make all the difference in how well recognized their brand is, how trusted they are and how many new clients they can pull in. While some law firms choose to stick to more traditional marketing methods, if you want your firm to gain an edge over the competition, you may want to try these three up-and-coming ideas.

1. Design a User-Friendly Firm Website With Front-Page Calls to Action

Perhaps one of the most important tools you can employ to gain new clients is your website. Many prospective clients seeking a law firm make their choice based on web results, so having a user-friendly website can help you stand out. It’s important to place calls to action on your homepage to help encourage clients to send you contact information or read more about your services.

2. Make It Simple for Prospective Clients To Contact You

When clients can’t figure out how to reach out to your firm, they’re significantly more likely to go with a competitor. On the other hand, if you can simplify the contact process and guarantee a quick reply, you’re much more likely to gain new business. Make sure every page on your website has a clearly labeled “Contact Us” button, and that you offer prospective clients several ways to contact you, including phone, email and fax.

3. Advertise Your Legal Services Via Several Social Media Channels

If you aren’t making the most of your firm’s social media profiles, you may be missing out on reaching several demographics. Numerous social media sites now have more users than ever, so advertising your services and making informative posts on these sites can be an affordable yet highly effective way to promote your firm. Be sure to cross-post messages on all of your channels, from Facebook to LinkedIn to Instagram and more, in order to ensure consistency.

If your firm wants to strengthen brand recognition, gain new clients and make a mark in your specialty, you may want to implement some of these top marketing tips. By designing a user-friendly website, making it as straightforward as possible for clients to reach you and making the most of your social media profiles, you can attract new clients, gain a competitive edge over other law firms and stretch your marketing dollars further.