With the rise of digital marketing solutions, small business owners have been able to reach more customers and engage with their target audience with options for feedback and personal connections not previously seen on such a scale. Many owners will not take complete advantage of this platform, even though the benefits of low costs, broad reaches and effective tracking metrics are well within their grasp.


For some types of digital marketing, the only cost is an internet connection because the platforms used are free and available to just about everyone. Digital marketing is about more than just social media interactions; however, you can send email newsletters, design advertisements for multiple platforms and even pay to have ads placed at the top of search engine results lists. Each of these digital marketing methods costs less than more traditional media advertising and you can even contract with a marketing firm to design your entire campaign for less than you might think.


The reach of digital marketing is global, which may not seem like a benefit for your small business, especially if you rely on local sales; but a global reach can help introduce your brand to markets you did not know would be interested in your products, provide feedback on your offerings and even help you find business partners and mentors outside of your local area. Your audience is online and recent studies highlight just how many people look for products and services through a search engine before visiting local stores. By going digital yourself, you are providing those customers more options and more information before they decide on a store to support.


Digital marketing campaigns can be easier to track than more traditional ones for many reasons. Not only will your marketing firm track how many conversions your ads get, but you can receive instant feedback by tracking how many social media followers clicked on your ads, how many pay-per-click visitors made a purchase and much more with the right tools. Some of these tools will be offered by search engines, your website host or your marketing firm, and some you can find with a quick internet search of your own.

Small business owners will usually focus more on getting the company up and running, keeping it in the black, and scheduling employees than on marketing campaigns. While all of these are important things for your company, getting started with a digital marketing campaign can be as easy and free as opening a company social media account. Building from there, either on your own or with help, you can reach a global audience, track how your campaigns are doing and keep your costs low.